IEG Gets Involved in 'Mow May'

IEG and the Green Group are supporting ‘No Mow May’ by leaving some of the grass at each campus uncut during May.  This will allow wildflowers to bloom and help to increase the bee and insect populations which have been reducing at alarming rates over the last few years. See THIS LINK for more information on ‘No Mow May’.

We’d like to encourage everyone to support the initiative at home too, if you can – an easy way to make a difference:

  1. Simply leave your mower in the shed for ‘No Mow May’ and let the flowers grow.
  2. Also, if possible, from 23rd May to 31st May take part in Every Flower Counts by counting the number of flowers in a random square metre of your lawn. The animation here shows what to do.
  3. Enter your counts on the website and instantly receive your very own Personal Nectar Score, showing how much nectar is being produced by the flowers on your lawn and how many bees it can support.