Inspire Education Group win Green Apple Award!

Wayne Granger, Health and Safety Officer at Inspire Education Group

Inspire Education Group has achieved the silver ‘Green Apple’ award for Environmental Best Practice in Education and Training. 

We are committed to playing a leading role among local employers in regards to sustainability activities. Our pragmatic approach to sustainability balances business efficiency and staff/student awareness.  Our sustainability and environmental policies demonstrate our pledge to creating a sustainable business operation and reducing our environmental impact.

There are many things that contributed towards winning a Green Apple Award, such as the rolling replacement of inefficient lighting continues as well as the dismantling of old fittings into components which are either reused or recycled. This year all external lighting has been replaced with LED. Additional funding has also been made available to convert all lighting within the group to LED. Flat roofs have also been heavily insulated across the group.Waste on the Peterborough Campus is down year on year and is now a ‘Zero to Landfill’ site our aim for this to be the same across the Group moving forward. We are now developing ideas with students and the catering team to reduce the tonnage of waste that comes onto and off site.

The awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world. 

The Green Apple Awards scheme was the first to be accredited as an official feeder scheme into the European Business Awards for the environment and it is now the only official feeder scheme into the Green World Awards, which are held in a different country ever year.

Previous Green Apple Award winners have gone on to win European and World Awards, and many have taken on the status of international Green World Ambassadors by helping others around the world the environment.