Peterborough College, part of Inspire Education Group (IEG), was featured in the DIET for Higher Skills report by Respublica for achieving “considerable success” with their ‘Teach Your Trade’ campaign. 

In February 2022, the campaign began with IEG securing a £90,000 grant from the Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Combined Mayoral Authority’s Innovation Fund – funding the recruitment of staff and numerous marketing collateral. IEG staff also worked alongside local Job Centres and held numerous events on campus, attracting over 60 local professionals. The college has now enrolled 11 people in various training schemes – including one recruited to the DfE Taking Teaching Further programme – and expects to employ at least six new lecturers.

Neil Collier joined IEG as a result of the campaign, which helped him discover his passion for teaching. After 30 years of working as an engineer, within different areas of the industry, Neil fancied a career change. “I thought, right, I’m teaching. This is what I want to do”, he added. For anyone coming into a position without a teaching background, IEG gives you all of the support and training you would need, Neil explained “My teacher training started in February and that’s all funded for me. The support has been fantastic, they’re investing in me. I came in with no real idea about how this works but the team has been absolutely brilliant and supportive”.

If you’re interested in making a career change and getting into teaching, please visit the IEG Website to view available vacancies.