Tony Warner, Digital Learning Technologist at Inspire Education Group (IEG), has written and published two new books as part of a novella series called ‘The Cara Files’.

‘File 1: The Chase’ and ‘File 2: Automata’ are set in the Psi War universe, which is also the setting of Tony’s first book, ‘Awakening’.

Tony was inspired to write novels after he made a new friend that was an avid reader; “She reminded me of a story that I had started 20 years ago. A story that I had discarded, stored on a hard drive covered in digital dust. It took a long time to find, but once I did, I was lost in a world of my own making. It deserved to be finished. And so, I put my fingers to the keyboard and watched the characters grow and develop, as the story moved to its inevitable climax. At the grand old age of 60, I resurrected my slumbering story from 20 years ago, and 6 months later, it’s published on Amazon!”

Tony explained his experience of the writing process; “I didn’t find the writing difficult. In fact, I enjoyed it! Once it was written, I sent each chapter out one by one to two different people to get them to check for errors. We formed a kind of ‘book club’ where we each got a printed copy to read and then met up every weekend to review edits. We found a lot of errors reading out loud too! Now, it’s out there, in the wild. People are buying, reading and leaving reviews. I cannot express how good it feels to have finally finished it and to see how much people are enjoying it”.

Congratulations to Tony on having his third paperback published! – everyone at IEG looks forward to reading it!

Tony’s books will be available to borrow in the College libraries for current students. 

The books are also available to purchase on Amazon.