Rachel Nicholls, CEO of Inspire Education Group (IEG) and Chair of Peterborough Citizens, hosted the Peterborough Citizens Delegates Assembly at Nene Park Academy. 

The panel met to identify the biggest challenges facing the Peterborough community, sharing testimonies and voting to choose which issues to build the next round of campaigns upon. Heloise Evans, alongside students Charlotte Berry, Rooney Kerridge and Liam Cudlipp, presented on IEG’s top three causes for action within the community.

Rachel Nicholls is extremely passionate about Peterborough Citizens, saying, “It was fantastic to join other leaders and organisations from across Peterborough at our recent Delegates Assembly, to hear the findings of our ‘listening campaign’. Peterborough Citizens listened to over 10,000 people across Peterborough to find out what they wanted to change in our city – issues like crime and safety, responding positively to new entrants and refugees, homelessness, mental health support and improved public transport, to name just a few. All member institutions then had one vote to decide on our campaigns for the next 12 months. It is an exciting time for Peterborough and I am so proud that Peterborough College and University Centre Peterborough, part of the Inspire Education Group, are founding members of Peterborough Citizens.”

Dilraj Kaur at Citizens UK added that “IEG is committed to not only giving students the opportunity to grow academically, but also in becoming active Citizens within their community. Working together with Peterborough Citizens, IEG are the founding members of Peterborough Citizens, championing social justice and the common good in Peterborough.”

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