Dr John Baldwin, Curriculum Administration Advisor at Inspire Education Group (IEG), has written and published a book with co-authors Neil Raven and Robin Webber-Jones.

‘Managerial Cultures in UK Further and Vocational Education – Transforming Techno-Rationalism into Collaboration’ offers insider perspectives on Further, Adult and Vocational Education, exploring contemporary challenges in a post-pandemic world.

John completed a Masters degree and Doctorate in Education Management, and began his career in the field working as a Business and Law Lecturer at Stamford College. He subsequently became the Director of Curriculum, overseeing most departments in the College. Forty-eight years on and now semi-retired, John continues to work at Stamford College, supporting those progressing to higher education. “Working part-time at the College helps to keep my writing up to date” John said, “My co-authors also have a lot of experience working in colleges, and so we can offer a lot of insight into college management”.  

John explained his experience of the writing process; “It took us nearly two years to write the book because the government were frequently introducing new legislation and directives that apply to schools and colleges. But, we also write articles for journals, so generally the writing process was quite straightforward. We also each wrote chapters about our own areas of expertise”.

John and his co-authors have received the go-ahead from a publisher to write their next book, which will explore technical education in the modern world. This will of course address the government’s introduction of the new technical qualifications, ‘T Levels’, which will see colleges work even more closely with local employers.

Congratulations to John – everyone at IEG looks forward to reading the first book, and eagerly await the release of the second.