As part of Staff Development Week earlier this summer, Inspire Education Group (IEG), comprised of Peterborough College, Stamford College and University Centre Peterborough, hosted a remarkable Staff Conference and Staff Awards ceremony at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough. In recognition of their hard work and impressive results, the Team of the Year trophy was awarded to the College-wide English and Maths team.

The award category acknowledged teams that demonstrate high levels of commitment, innovation and excellence in what they do. Nominations from staff members recognised the hard work of tens of teams across the curriculum and business support areas, but one came out on top.

As noted in Rachel Nicholls’, Chief Executive Officer at IEG, awarding speech, “The English and Maths team have worked hard to be truly outstanding. They stand out from the crowd for many reasons, including their exceptionally high achievement rates that have places them in the top 3% of colleges nationally for their results.”. Rachel continued, “Every member of the team has played an indispensable role in the team’s success, meeting the common goal of giving every student the opportunity to develop and achieve transferable skills that will impact their lives for many years. Well done”.

The team was delighted to be recognised with this award, with Marilyn Kennedy, Assistant Principal for Curriculum (Academic, Maths & English), sharing, “IEG now ranks 5th in the college league tables for English and maths results, and this is testament to the team’s hard work and dedication to the 4000 learners they support across both campuses. The IEG English and maths teams truly deserved to win the IEG Team of the Year award, as they support all areas of the Colleges and have worked hard over the past year to integrate ways of working and share good practice across both campuses since the merger”.

Congratulations to the members of the English and Maths team, their fellow winners and to all nominees of the Inspire Education Group Staff Awards 2022-2023.