We often say that Inspire Education Group (IEG) is like a big extended family, but working at IEG does also run in the family for many of our employees. Take the Da Costa family, for example, siblings Camilo and Maria are both former students who progressed from further to higher education with IEG and now are highly valued support staff, Camilo working in MIS, and Maria in Human Resources. 

We asked Camilo and Maria how they felt about working with family. Camilo said, “Although yes, we are related, the way the culture is at IEG, I feel like I work with many more family members. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and everyone will stop to ask how you are. I think I can speak for us both when I say that we don’t see this place as work because it’s so enjoyable being here”.

Maria added, “IEG has welcomed me so warmly from the start, we are a close-knit team in HR, and I am happy and proud to work here.”

When asked if IEG comes up in conversation at home and what their parents think of their children working and progressing together, Camilo said, “We keep work at work and our family life at home and find that works best for us. Our parents are super proud of what we have achieved. They took a big gamble moving us from Portugal to the UK, seeking a better life, and feel that their hopes and dreams for us have become a reality with IEG.”

An abundance of enthusiasm for IEG is apparent when talking to Camilo and Maria. Thank you both for your passion and commitment. We look forward to seeing you both progress within the institution.