After an illustrious career spanning decades, Maura Donnelly, a beloved member of Inspire Education Group (IEG), has announced her retirement at the remarkable age of 83. The news has been met with mixed emotions, as colleagues express both happiness for Maura’s well-deserved rest and a tinge of sadness for bidding farewell to an exceptional team member.

Maura Donnelly has been an integral part of IEG, contributing her invaluable expertise and unwavering commitment to the institution’s success. As a symbol of her dedication, Maura has been recognised by her peers as an inspiration and a role model for generations of educators.

To honour Maura’s exceptional career and bid her a fond farewell, the Estates team at IEG organised a heartfelt retirement celebration. Rachel Nicholls, CEO of IEG, was present and colleagues gathered to express their appreciation for Maura’s contributions, sharing memories and stories that showcased her immense impact on the organisation. The highlight of the party was a beautifully crafted retirement cake, symbolising the sweetness of Maura’s well-deserved transition into the next chapter of her life.

Maura Donnelly’s retirement marks the end of an era with IEG. Her invaluable contributions, coupled with her unwavering commitment to educational excellence, have helped shape the organisation’s success. As Maura begins her well-deserved retirement journey, the IEG community extends their warmest wishes for a fulfilling and joyful next chapter.

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